my daughter refuses to tell interviewers why she left her last job


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A reader writes:

My daughter got fired from her first full-time job for chronic tardiness. Due to a combination of youth, inexperience, and (in my opinion) stupidity, she somehow missed the signs that she was in danger of losing her job until they called her in one day and told her to hit the road. According to her, she was not given any explicit warnings that (to her) clearly spelled out “You MUST fix this or you WILL be fired.” That is unfortunate if true; however, the fact that being chronically late to work is something that can potentially get you fired from just about any job should be self-evident to anyone, in my opinion, and I was quite taken aback to learn that she was not aware of this.

All of that is water under under the bridge, of course, and the problem immediately facing her now is how to answer the “Why did you leave your last job?” question at interviews. From what she’s telling me, I’m afraid the way she’s been handling this could be torpedoing her chances of getting hired.

She tells me that when she’s asked that question, she has been calmly¬†and politely declining to talk about why

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