Not Getting Interviews? It Could Be Your Resume.

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Resume puzzle conceptI talk to clients all the time about why they are not getting interviews. Almost invariably, they will insist that there is nothing wrong with their resume. Then I look; in nearly all cases, I see a problem.  Remember, when your resume is in front of an actual human being, you have only about 12 seconds to make an impression. Yes, 12 seconds is the average time spent scanning a resume, and after those 12 seconds are up, the person scanning has decided whether to move you along in the pipeline or not. If you are applying for positions for which you are certain you have the minimum qualifications, but still not getting interviews, you need to take a long, hard look at your resume.

Most resume problems fall into one of these categories.

Daily Planner OrganizerIt’s a list of job duties. The daily tasks that you performed in your previous roles do absolutely nothing to sell you and your background to the person who is sourcing candidates. Your resume should not be a task list. It is a marketing tool, and as such, you need to keep in mind that its purpose is to promote you. Rather than listing all of the daily duties for which you were responsible, focus on the outcomes and achievements of previous roles. Quantify these when possible.

The format makes it difficult to understand your career trajectory. If you’re using the “functional resume” format, you need to abandon it ASAP. Most people who review resumes hate the functional format because it makes it difficult to understand what the candidate accomplished in previous roles. Advice to use a functional format to hide gaps in employment is bad advice. Almost everyone, on both sides of the desk, has gaps in employment history. Your best bet is to use the reverse chronological

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