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Overview of KFC:

KFC is the American fast-food chain which has worldwide fame for its crispy recipes of chicken having the motto of “its finger-licking’ food” which exactly justifies the food they serve. KFC eventually opened its overseas branches in Canada and Britain in the first slot along with many others. One good thing about KFC’s strategy is that it makes minor tweaks to its menu and offerings to meet the needs of different regional customers. This is done by collecting the crucial feedbacks from their customers and trying to work upon it. This feedback survey is known as KFC Listens. Completion of this survey gives you a chance to get a free meal every time.

Eligibility Criteria of the KFC Canada survey:

  • You must be 18 years or above to participate in this survey.
  • You must be a legal resident of Canada to get eligible.
  • Purchase of any item from KFC Canada is mandatory.

Rules and Regulations of Survey:

  • You should keep the receipt with yourself.
  • The survey must be taken within 3days of receiving the receipt.
  • The coupon should be redeemed within 14days after receiving the receipt.
  • Feedback survey should be taken online using your receipt details.
  • With each receipt, only 1 feedback can be given.
  • The survey can be taken in two languages- English & French.
  • To redeem the offer no purchase is required.

Participation Procedure for Survey:

  • You must buy an item or more from a participating KFC restaurant in Canada.
  • The receipt should be saved.
  • Each receipt can be used for single feedback only.
  • Go through the official survey link to log in to the survey within 3 days of your visit.


  • Type the Store number that you visited along with the date and time of your visit.
  • Choose your preferred language either English or Spanish for taking up the survey.
  • Click on the “Continue” button situated at the left bottom corner of the page.
  • Answer all the questions related to the survey.
  • Note down the generated validation code on your receipt and bring the same to the restaurant on your next visit at KFC Canada to enjoy a free meal.

The KFC Listens to Survey Questions:

Though the types of asked questions may vary depending upon the individual responses, the generic questions revolve around the following specific areas:

  • Type of order you placed

  • The mode of your order placement

  • Rate the overall satisfaction on a scale of 5

  • Rate the satisfaction depending upon the specific aspects of the food and its service quality

  • Mention which of the following food items mentioned had the greatest effect on how you have rated the taste of the food

  • Mention if you have faced any difficulty during your visit

  • After your completion of the survey questions, you will be receiving a 5 digit validation code

  • You are required to type the code on the receipt that is used to take the online survey

How to Redeem the Validation Code:

  • For redemption of the validation code, you need to pay a visit to any survey participating KFC restaurant.
  • The offer should be redeemed within 14days of the initial purchase,
  • You are required to produce both the KFC Canada receipt as well as the 5 digit validation code at the restaurant.
  • A single redemption code is valid for a single person only.
  • No new purchase is required to redeem the offer
  • The offer might vary depending upon the availability of the menu items and the location of the restaurant
  • For more details on this offer, you are required to visit your nearest participating KFC restaurant in Canada.

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Prize Allotted for the Survey of KFC:

Free fresh meal shall be considered as the reward against the completion of each KFC Consumer Satisfaction Survey on your next visit to the restaurant. There is no mandated requirement for a new purchase to redeem this offer.


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