Perks have lost their luster? No kidding!

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There’s a better way to shine as an employer

Posted by Melanie Langsett, Garry Spinks, and Naomi Bradley on January 9, 2019.

We’ve seen a flurry of articles recently describing why perks are becoming passé. That’s not to say workers no longer value compensation, benefits, and the extra things that employers offer and do for their workforce; it’s just that often the rewards being offered aren’t meaningful to workers and organizations aren’t seeing enough return on their investment—no boost in worker engagement or retention, nor upticks in their employment brand. We couldn’t agree more. Making rewards more, well, rewarding for the workforce and organizations means evolving beyond the too-common practice of throwing perks at the wall and hoping they stick.

Almost nothing about work and workplaces is the same as it used to be. People are looking for different things from their jobs beyond a paycheck, a retirement plan, and insurance. The workforce and its needs are more diverse. Not everyone is, or wants to be, a full-time employee—the list of differences between then and now is long. The old standard “proof” of competitiveness—benchmarking compensation and benefits by industry and geography—holds little weight in an era where

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