Research Suggests Corporate Sabbaticals May Be Good For Business

Employee Engagement

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Sabbaticals are a gratifying way employers can address employee burnout and manage stress and staff turnover. The average American workers work 44 hours a week and over 40 years in their career. Now, that’s more than a quarter of the time for any one person to put into work, so it’s no wonder that some feel burned out by the age of 30. Taking a career break is an obvious alternative, but many worry about leaving the security of a job and a fat paycheck. This is where corporate sabbaticals come in, a seemingly beneficial way to take care of workers.

Employee sabbaticals are still are inside corporate America, however, there’s a skyrocketing trend in employers offering more long-term vacations. According to a survey from the SHRM, the percentage of employers offering sabbatical from work rose to nearly 17% in 2017. This is a significant rise from 1977 when McDonald’s became instituted the first corporate sabbatical program in the United States.


Research suggests sabbatical from work is not just good for employees for rejuvenation and renewal, they benefit the organization because the positive changes remain long after the workers return to work. Corporate sabbaticals not only benefits the employees who

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