Should Employers Monitor Cell Phone Use At Work?


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Employees are poised to be distracted at work sometimes. And unsurprisingly, the main distracting tool happens to be their cell phones. Making personal calls, texting, and responding to chats not related to work constitutes distractions. And while this inappropriate use of cell phones at work hampers productivity a great deal, it is not advisable to totally prohibit the use of cell phone at work. In fact, no matter how hard business managers try, they can’t totally disable cell phone among workers. With the appropriate use, cell phone contributes its own quarter to business productivity and that’s not disputable. Hence, business managers would rather focus on how to monitor cell phone use at work to regulate its abuse.

The proper monitoring of cell phone use at work by managers does reduce the risk of its negative consequences, however. On the contrary, when not properly monitored, it leads to cell phone abuse in the workplace. But the major challenge facing some managers in monitoring cell phone at work is to not send a message of complete restriction.

Here are effective tips on how to monitor cell phone at work -

Create a monitoring policy

Generally, policies ensure the proper running of workplaces. For managers to curtail

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