should I be worried I’m overpaid?


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A reader writes:

I started working for a for-profit corporation after years of working for nonprofits. My current salary at the for-profit was already a significant raise from my previous job – which I am very grateful for. One of my direct reports was making about 15% more than me, but I didn’t care: he’s a specialist, and a rock star to boot, and I felt like I was being paid amply for the work I was doing. Come review time, my boss notices this “discrepancy” and, despite a review that showed solid but not dazzling performance, gave me a 20% “equity” raise, because she felt it was inappropriate for a manager to be making less than her direct report.

I should be thrilled right? Except now feel that I am drastically overpaid for the work that I do. I could have turned the money down, I guess, but (a) that would have been a disservice to my family and (b) I thought my boss would at best think I was a moron or, worse, been offended by my refusal.

But now I’m up at night worrying that someone will suddenly find out that I am not worth the money they are paying

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