Signs You Are Wrongly Dealing With Holiday Stress

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We often see holidays as the season to relax and stay away from stress, but that’s totally not the case. Holidays can be exciting, fun-filled and loaded with lots of celebrations and holiday parties. On the other hand, holiday stress can be overwhelming and tend to take away every cent of merriment, that we sometimes feel there’s a need for another vacation to recover when it ends.

However, one can enjoy the holidays and be satisfied when it ends. As such, you begin work with a feeling of fulfillment and rejuvenated. To achieve this, there are mistakes you need to avoid to boost your stress tolerance and resilience as you spend your holidays.

Below are mistakes people often make while trying to deal with holiday stress -

Using alcohol to help fall asleep

It's part of some people’s habits to unwind their stressful day with a glass of wine. It sure makes them relax more and fall asleep fast, however, alcohol does decrease REM sleep. Beyond that, alcohol also makes people dose-dependent. The more an individual drinks alcohol closer to bedtime, the higher the disruption it causes to the normal sleeping pattern of the individual.

Do your best to avoid the intake of alcohol when

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