Simple Project Management and Task Tracking Software for Teams

HR Tech

by Md Anisur Rahman 281 Views 0

Simple Project Management and Task Tracking Software for Teams

HR Tech

by Md Anisur Rahman 281 Views 0

On your visit to a coffee shop, you overheard someone yelling over the phone about his ongoing project while trying hard to maintain the sanity and composure so as not to disturb other guests present in the outlet. Sometimes it looks so difficult not to go crazy over the office work while enjoying a cappuccino in your favorite joint. However you try, there is something petty and small project related issues come between you and your much-coveted loneliness for which you escaped your cabin and slipped away to the lonely corner of the coffee outlet.

Technically, there is no respite from this agitating problem of keeping up with project requirement until you figure a way out of this situation; in addition, you have the deadline, and a team highly fragmented with different skill level, a range of personal objectives, weird habits and same urge of running away from the noisy corporate floor where life is more challenging not because they do not know what to do or how to do; it’s because everybody seems to lose track of the complete process and objective of the project.

So how are you going to solve this? You might say I will streamline everything; ‘Yes’ bang on, that is right but how? The question still remains unanswered; now you are saying to yourself; I will keep a spreadsheet, bombard emails and shout hell out at the top of my voice standing in the middle of the floor like a forlorn king. Do you realize that is still a fragmented approach? You have been doing that throughout without any success. Until you unify everything onto a single platform and operate in real time, you are not going to succeed in delivering your project on time; the turmoil will continue till the eternity.

Let’s get into the crux of the matter; you can manage to streamline everything only with help of Project Management software. Do not reject the idea outrightly. Look at its benefits before you come to any conclusion. Have a look at the project management software’s advantages.

Neat Planning: when you fail to plan, you are actually planning to fail. Undoubtedly, planning is essentially the engine of the project, managing it with the help of spreadsheets and whiteboard is the best way to fail. Planning means you are running into a high voltage zone, you have to keep track of cost estimation, available resources, time zone, deadline, holidays, required skill sets and an array of other things that can easily drive you nuts. PM software can organize everything easily and perhaps more quickly.

Data Sharing: We are living in a globalized village, and it is not a metaphorical expression; in fact, it happens in reality; you might have to deal with multiple teams located in different parts of the world with varying time zones and schedules. Communicating with a diversified network of the workforce through mail looks like a gauging the distance of planet Venus from the Earth without a telescope. In this situation; a project management tool will help you to create a centralized repository that can be viewed by everyone irrespective of geographical location and timetable.

Real-time Management: A project is an ever moving phenomenon, during the process; priorities might change, you might run out of resources, dependencies shift, deadlines change and a lot of other unplanned and unwanted things show up as irritating guests. Only project management software can handle this dynamic movement of inter-dependency, unpredictability and ever-shifting outlook.

Clear Visibility and Better Control: we know as a project manager how much you hate bottleneck situations; with the help of project management software, you can see the project status clearly; it can help you to identify resource allocation requirements, tracing the tasks, performances, risks, opportunity areas and other aspects of the portfolio. Having access to all facets of the project you are more likely to make informed decisions that can save you from missing deadlines.

Bring Clients on to the Platform: With increasing competition clients are now keener on monitoring projects real time. Offline reporting is a thing of the past now. With the help of project management software, clients can now participate at every stage of the project. And believe it, client’s feedback and input can be the game changer because they understand their business more than you do and involving clients in the project means a step forward to the better relationship and superior output. Through the project management portal, clients can log in and track the progress of the project.

Have a look at your bottom-line: Now this makes it so much more important; with the help of the PM software, you can track the financial status on a real-time basis which means you have better control over the balance sheet. At the end of the world, you take up all that hard work and tedious tasks to increase the bottom-line, right?

Superlative Track Management: This is probably the most efficient feature of the tool. Project management software will enable you to track innumerable tasks and create a synthesis between all the verticals involved in the project. Each team member must know their role and its impact on the project in a broader context.

Besides those notable features, project management software can empower your stakeholders with necessary tools and apps to track the project live. However, before deciding to deploy a project management tool, you need to assess your requirement, analyze your environment. Trends are in a flux, and they should be; therefore; you are required to ensure that you avail software that meets the current market requirements. Besides, operational capability should be considered as far as technicalities are concerned because without understanding the software, all the dreams it promises will remain unfulfilled and Utopian. Make sure to train your managers to use the software effectively. Failing to operate the software means a straight hit on your investment.

So, analyze, assess, implement and grow in an organized manner with the help of project management software. But keep in mind; it’s easier said than done; hence, make the right decision.

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