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The HR Daily Advisor recently sat down with Zoe Harte, Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Talent Innovation at Upwork to discuss the current hiring crisis and what can be done about it.

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HR Daily Advisor: Many HR professionals report they are struggling with finding the right person for the right task in today’s economy. What are some of the forces causing this issue?

Zoe Harte: Well, let’s start with the obvious—the historically low unemployment rate is creating unprecedented shortages among top-tier talent.

But another key issue is the challenge of workforce planning when the half-life of skills is shrinking so dramatically. By the time a position pops up on their radar, there’s already an acute need, and more often than not, the competition for employees with that exact skill is fierce.

And finally, more workers than ever are just not interested in a full-time position. Whereas “contractor” or “freelancer” used to be shorthand for “not yet employed,” that’s no longer the case: The “Freelancing in America: 2017” report finds that nearly 65% of current freelancers started freelancing by choice rather than out of necessity. What’s more, nearly half
say they wouldn’t take a traditional job for any

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