Talent sourcing solutions: Offering improvements beyond efficiency

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Posted by Matthew Shannon on January 11, 2019.

Healthy economic growth in recent years has spurred talent markets in which job openings currently outnumber job seekers.1 Yet, recruiters still spend an average of more than 12 hours per week seeking new candidates.2 The challenge many talent acquisition (TA) organizations face is finding additional resources that can help them identify and engage top candidates before their competitors. Fast-changing technological advances position the TA function to benefit from new tools to augment the time-consuming task of sourcing talent. Our new research assessing different talent sourcing solutions provides insights into which next-generation capabilities can streamline the recruitment process, improve recruiter productivity, and enhance candidate experience.3

Today’s Sourcing Solutions
While the previous generation of talent sourcing solutions improved the efficiency of recruiting processes, TA organizations today have access to more candidate information than ever before. Recruiters need sourcing solutions that offer compatibility with current options, data migration with existing systems, and scalability for growth.

Powered by cognitive capabilities,4 sourcing solutions can enable recruiters to focus on the right candidates for the right roles while offering a responsive, customized candidate experience. These solutions can aggregate candidate information to assess a person’s potential to fill

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