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Leverage Organizational Network Analysis to create a networked organization

Posted by Tiffany McDowell on October 17, 2018.

Network-based teams are a key component to unlocking a more flexible organization poised to deliver the agility, customer centricity, and front-line empowerment needed to succeed amidst massive disruption. By realigning select individuals across functions into networked teams, they can be focused on collaborating to achieve specific shared outcomes. But how can organizations identify individuals and teams to target to drive increased flexibility? This is where Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) comes in.

Today’s business landscape is marked by new and disruptive technologies, expansive interconnected markets, and intense competition that demand operations to move faster than ever to keep pace. Being nimble, agile, and flexible to better navigate this landscape has become a common overarching goal for many organizations. Getting there, however, remains a hurdle for companies to overcome.

Deloitte’s experience helping some of the world’s most complex companies transform has taught us that the future of organization design does not mean leaving behind traditional “boxes and wires.” The flexible organization simply reimagines how individuals, leaders, and teams align to scale operations and services, and continually adapt as needed.
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