Three reasons why companies need to take care of their carers


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Hats off to insurance company Aviva, who recently announced new measures to support employees who are balancing work with caring responsibilities. The organisation is offering a generous package of paid leave for carers, as well as up to four week’s unpaid time off per holiday year. Following a successful pilot in its Bristol office, the business is also adopting a more flexible approach, allowing employees to request permanent adjustments to their working patterns, for example, if they need more help to juggle their dual responsibilities.

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The new policy is part of a wider corporate well-being initiative, but Aviva has clearly also woken up and smelt the coffee when it comes to the issue of carers. Figures from the Carers Trust show that, thanks to a rapidly ageing population, three in five people in the UK will end up caring for someone at some point in their lives. Just over four million carers today are of working age – with the total number of carers in the UK predicted to increase to nine million by 2030.

That translates to a significant proportion of any organisation’s workforce – both current and future – and an issue that companies who want to hang on to

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