What is Evidence-Based HR?


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Does your organization use evidence-based HR decision-making practices?

Human resourcesIf not, you may be wondering what this means and why you should consider it. Let’s take a look.

What is Evidence-Based HR?

In short, evidence-based HR refers to a process in which the organization evaluates any decision or process against data, real experience, expert opinions, and/or other types of information to ensure the decision is likely to have the desired outcome.

For this to work best, the “evidence” used should be purposefully sought out. It may come from a number of sources including things like research/studies, knowledge from experts in the field, past experience of the HR team, and input from the people who are directly impacted by the decision.

Note: while these sources are good, they should be used with a critical eye. For example:

  • When using research, be sure that the study was applicable to your situation and the results have not been over-generalized.
  • Be sure the contextual details of your situation are relevant and incorporated.
  • When getting direct input, be sure to ask the right stakeholders—and take varying perspectives into account.
  • Don’t over-utilize one source. Just because there’s research on the topic doesn’t mean it’s the only useful information. Multiple sources should be assessed together.
  • Remember that even
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