what is going on with hugging at work?


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You’re greeting a colleague who you haven’t seen in a while – and suddenly, without warning, they’re enthusiastically opening their arms and going in for a hug. Whatever happened to the simple handshake at work?

Hugging used to be reserved for close family and friends, but it’s been infiltrating professional contexts for a while now, leaving huggers delighted and the rest of us shrinking back in the hopes that we can avoid unwanted embraces.

I recorded a piece for the BBC about hugging at work — what the code of conduct should be, how huggers tend to assume everyone else is a hugger too, and what to do if you’re a non-hugger marooned in an office of people who want to snuggle up to you. It’s three minutes long and you can listen here.

what is going on with hugging at work? was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

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