What is Short-Term Disability?

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Many employers will encounter short- and long-term disability insurance at some point. Parsing out which conditions qualify for which program and the differences between long-term and short-term disability is not exactly intuitive. Nor is understanding how disability insurance fits in with the Family Medical Leave Act.

The stress of navigating disability leave is no reason to pass up a benefit that you both qualify for and are entitled to just because it seems complicated. We’re here to help you with the basics of disability, so that you can familiarize yourself and start taking the necessary steps as soon as possible.

What conditions qualify for short-term disability?

When it comes to what qualifies for short-term disability, it depends largely on the specific plan you have. But, as Aetna explains, disability benefits will be paid in the unfortunate case that you become disabled, in accordance with your insurance plan’s definition of disability. In order to receive these benefits, you must meet specific requirements under the plan and remain disabled throughout the elimination period that precedes the disbursement of the benefits. As a rule of thumb for filing, Aetna suggests filing the claim, “as soon as you or your doctor thinks that your disability will

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