What Managers need to know about Anger in the Workplace

Employee Engagement

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Anger is a perfectly healthy emotion that ranges from mild irritation to intense rage. It’s something we all experience from time to time and can be expressed in different forms ranging from giving someone the cold shoulders to throwing a temper tantrum. In rare cases, anger can send you over the edge.

The consequences of poorly managed anger in the workplace can range from reduced productivity and increased turnover to physical injury and property damage. It is impossible to quantify the cost of anger in the workplace, especially when we factor in lost productivity, employee morale, employee health and safety.

Unless you want to create a culture where employees can wrestle out their problems, it is your responsibility to deal with anger in the workplace. When an employee’s anger escalates to the point of aggressive behavior, the manager needs to know what to do in order to take immediate action. The best course of action to take is to contain the behavior. The important thing to remember is that anger is treatable.


Research suggests an angry outburst in the workplace is often situation-specific – i.e. most likely to arise from a combination of factors. Anger outbursts

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