when I didn’t answer a call, my boss worried I’d attempted suicide and he called my mom


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A reader writes:

I am in a situation that I have no idea what to do with. I recently had to use sick leave due to mental health difficulties, which I informed my boss of.

On a day off, it seems that the boss attempted to call me to ask a work question. I was asleep when he tried to call, and I woke up later in the morning to no fewer than 60 phone calls and messages from different people (I wish this was an exaggeration). It was a mix of people from work, my partner, and my mother calling me. I called my mother first, then my partner, and deduced what was going on. Apparently when my boss had failed to reach me, the first thing he did was call my mother. She works for the company but in a different state, which is how he had her contact details, but she is definitely not my emergency contact. She and I don’t need to interact, so to keep boundaries we never even mention each other at work.

He told my mother that he was worried that I had attempted suicide (based on no real evidence, just that I had “mental problems”)

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