Why FMLA Doesn’t Cut It for Growing Startups


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A quarter-century ago, President Bill Clinton signed the Family and Medical Leave Act, designed to provide workers up to 12 weeks of job-protected, unpaid leave. Over the years, the groundbreaking policy which covers new parents, people caring for a sick family member and people fighting a severe illness has thrown America’s ever-growing startup community in a tizzy.

The FMLA’s federal protections system ignore the burdens impacting early stage or growth-stage startups. Contrary to what advocates might think, the FMLA also renders employers to tilt in favor of employees with fewer responsibilities towards their family.

“For startups, the possibility of someone not being around to contribute for three months at a stretch could be a sticking point,” said an associate VP at a London-based digital payment app.

Startups are in favor of the noble goal of protecting workers and their families who need to leave the workplace temporarily, but also apprehensive as it can impact on costs as they brave lower productivity levels in action-based roles. For a startup low on funds, affording more than three months’ salary for no productive work is obtuse.

Advocates of the FMLA believe that employers don’t have an incentive to create fair workplace standards. Thus, the government should step

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