Why HR needs to have vision


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An uncertain economic climate, advances in technology and far-reaching market disruptions are putting organisations under more pressure than ever before. Senior management are increasingly looking to HR to help the business meet these challenges through innovative people processes that get people engaged and performing at peak.

A recent article in HR magazine demonstrates how having a clear vision is vital in helping HR practitioners maintain strategic focus and providing the impetus to turn their aspirations into reality on the ground.

The piece describes how the Princes Trust – a charity that helps vulnerable young people – has been able to achieve great results through a bold and ambitious learning strategy. HR Director Martyn Dicker, who pioneered the new vision, describes how on joining the organisation, he wanted to create a culture where staff “can be themselves, are told what’s really going on, their strengths are magnified, values are lived daily, the work is rewarding and ‘stupid’ rules don’t exist”.

So what were the key elements of the Trust’s approach and what did having a strong vision enable them to achieve?

1. Get the HR team on side
The article describes how when Dicker joined the Trust, one of his first tasks was to get the

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