Why is It Important to Optimize Your Cold-Contact Prospecting Cover Letter?

Career Strategy

by Md Anisur Rahman 182 Views 0

Why is It Important to Optimize Your Cold-Contact Prospecting Cover Letter?

Career Strategy

by Md Anisur Rahman 182 Views 0

In our economy, employment is hard to come by. Even for those who are employed, it can still feel a little uncertain. A lot of companies are letter employees go based on this exact problem. Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and take matters into your own hands. Checking the job ads and not seeing anything for your skills can be frustrating. This is why some people decide to apply to companies with no advertised positions.

If you are finding yourself in a desperate situation, you might want to be the first one to make contact with a prospective employer. Find a good professional cover letter writing service or simply write it yourself. Once you understand how to optimize your cover letter, you stand a better chance of success. This is not always something that you do once and let it go. It is an ongoing process that takes some commitment from your side. The key is to continue applying until you get your break. It’s like sales people sending out cold emails. If they send out a hundred, getting ten replies is amazing. Here is why and how to optimize your cold contact cover letter.

Get your name out

One of the most important reasons you want to optimize your cover letter is to let people know that you are available. Sometimes we can sit at home waiting for the right ad to pop up. What if you beat the company to even posting that ad? If they are looking for someone and you just happen to send in your cover letter and resume, your name goes on the list. When you optimize your application, you let the company know that you are serious about working there.

Research each company

The idea behind optimizing your cover letter is to let the company know that this is important to you. Have a look at the company’s website or get to know someone who already works there. This way you can find some information to include in your application. Remember, no post has been advertised, so now it is more important that you use company information, rather than the job ad. Ensure the recruiters that you are not just some fly by night applicant, but someone who is passionate about the mission and vision of the employer.

Find balance

You want to come across as someone who is serious about employment, but you don’t want to show your desperation. One way of doing this is to focus on facts mostly. You can throw a few passion pieces in there, but don’t overdo it. A cover letter writing service will focus on facts alone, but you can always edit it a bit when you receive the finish product. Show your interest from a technical point and let the employer know that you understand the values of the company and the goals. It then becomes less about you and more about them.

Step back

When it comes to any kind of professional writing, you want to step back for a bit. Taking some time away from what you have written allows you to clear your mind. Even if this is only for one day, you are going to do yourself a huge favor. We get so excited, which means we just want to apply straight away. Remember that there is an editing and proofreading session that needs to happen in between. Looking at your writing with fresh eyes can make all the difference in the end result.


There was a time when writing any formal document required you to sound overly professional. This has changed in the meantime and people prefer a more conversational tone. It ddoes not mean that you have to be sloppy with your language, but rather don’t be too stiff. Personality is an important factor when you are trying to optimize any piece of writing. Someone will make a connection with you on paper and curiosity can help you further. Always be yourself when you write a cover letter and remember that you are writing for human beings.


Even though an actual person will make the final decision, applications go through a software search process. Always include keywords in your cover letter. If a job becomes available and your cover letter is scanned through this software, effective keywords make all the difference. Writing an internal job cover letter has to apply to the same rules unless you know your company does not use this type of software. Look at previous job ads if it is still available and come up with a strong set of keywords to get you closer to your goal.


Your cover letter will be the first piece of information in your application. Do not neglect to update your resume. Every company you apply to will require an individual resume. What you will need to do is make a few adjustments on each one. It does seem like a tedious task, but it also shows that you don’t mind the extra work. Not all companies are created equally and neither are job posts. Know what position you would ultimately want to be employed in and adjust your resume accordingly. A lot of the decision making will be based on your resume.


Cold contact cover letters are growing in popularity and it is not purely based on people becoming desperate. It also has to do with strategy and results. Beating the company to it is always a great strategy when it comes to employment. You also want to dig deep within yourself and not give up at the first rejection letter. Remember, this is just an application and you might get a yes or a no. If you go into it with that mind-set, you will understand that eventually you will get your positive answer. Work on optimizing your cover letter as this is going to make all the difference.