Wishing Care Workers Everywhere a Merry Christmas!

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In an ideal world, everything would be closed on Christmas Day. Many of you, I believe, will spend the day opening tinselly presents, watching wonderfully imaginative holiday movies and tucking into marbled ribs of sirloin. But for home care workers, Christmas is about caring for others.

Amelia Brown, 32, a care worker in Seattle, will be working two shifts, morning and evening, on Christmas Day, covering a large part of the Fremont. “This will be my third time working on a Christmas Day. I feel I’m very lucky to do what I do.”

As a care worker, most of what Brown deals with are the genuinely ill elderly patients who can be prone to loneliness over the holidays.

“For some people, December 25 is a very emotional day. It might be their first Christmas in care or the first since their only family member has died,” she says.

As the holidays approach, Greg Shulman is thrilled to have Christmas lunch with the residents at a care home where he works. “I would trade bickering over who gets control of the TV remote for a festive lunch with my patients. It’s much more relaxing here.”

While it’s quieter than normal at the hospice, it’s still very

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