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Marco’s Pizza Customer Survey- Win Free Pizza Coupons

Marco’s Pizza Customer Survey is offered to the individuals who have dined out at the restaurant. Marco’s pizza restaurant has created the survey so that the customer’s provider their comments and suggestions on the survey page. Once you complete the survey you will be received a free pizza coupon.

The survey is available at TellMarcos.com which is the Marco’s Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey portal. To get started with the survey you need to provide the receipt code and fill out the survey questionnaire. In order to complete the survey, you must meet the requirements of the TellMarcos.com and submit the survey sheet. Read the guide below for how to complete the survey.

Company Overview

The Marco’s Pizza is an American restaurant chain which is headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, United States. Marco’s Pizza specializes in offering interstate franchise which features Italian-American cuisine. The pizza restaurant has over 34 locations operational in the U.S. States. The company is rated among the top 25 pizza companies in the United States.

What is Marco’s Pizza Customer Survey

The customer satisfaction survey by Marco’s Pizza is offered to the ones who have recently shopped at Marco’s stores. If you have dined at Marco’s Pizza then you can visit the survey portal in order to answer the survey questions. However, you need to keep the purchase receipt handy and meet the other requirements set up by the company.

As we have mentioned earlier the customer satisfaction survey is created for the customers so that they can leave their candid feedback, comments, and suggestions. It is recommended that you provide an honest review on the survey form.

Requirements to Complete the Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • If you are willing to complete the customer satisfaction survey then you must be a resident of the United States.
  • You should be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must have a valid Social Security Number.
  • Have the purchase receipt handy as the code is required to enter the survey.
  • The individual should have made a purchase at Marco’s Pizza recently.

How to Complete the Marco’s Pizza Customer Survey

  • If you are willing to complete the survey you need to open the survey page of Marco’s Pizza. www.tellmarcos.com
  • Once the website opens there will be a welcome message at the center.
  • Choose a language in order, to begin with, the customer satisfaction survey.


  • Now grab your receipt and provide the survey code which is printed at the purchase receipt.
  • Click on the yellow ‘Start’ button and it will direct you to the next page which features the survey questionnaire.

Marco’s Pizza Customer Survey Rewards

Are you looking for rewards of Marco’s Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey? As we have talked earlier the customer satisfaction survey has been offering the customers with free pizza coupons.

Once you submit the survey form you will be provided with the discount coupons which can be later redeemed at the stores for a free pizza. Hence, you can sit back with your loved ones and enjoy a free pizza at Marco’s Pizza.

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If you are willing to complete the Marco’s Pizza Customer Survey then you need to have a few things functional. However, it is easy to complete the survey questionnaire. One needs to answer the questions based on their experience at the pizza restaurant and they are ready to go.

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