Your People Are Your Most Underused Marketing Asset — Here’s How to Change That


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In business, the phrase “our people are our greatest asset” is uttered so often that it’s become a cliché. There’s even an article titled, “Stop Telling Me People Are Your Greatest Asset.”

What we’ll tell you instead is this:

“your people are your most underused marketing asset—particularly with social media”

Why? Your employees, business partners and other “friends of the brand” have extensive networks that you want to reach. Reach them is by creating an effective advocacy program.

What is an advocacy program? It is a program in which employees, business partners and others share information on your behalf (typically content) to their social networks. For best results, companies use dedicated advocacy software, which offers greater control and measurement tools that allow them to evaluate their results.

HRmarketer CEO Mark Willaman and Vice President Rhonda Taylor recently presented a webinar, “The Power of Numbers: How Organizations Are Using Advocacy Programs to Get More Visibility and Generate Sales Leads,” that’s full of useful insights, information and case studies.

Here’s a look at three of the questions that the webinar answers.

  1. How can an effective advocacy program benefit your marketing?

The webinar highlights six benefits, three of which are:

  • It amplifies your social reach and brand awareness. Whether you have 10
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