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Genesis is the country’s driving supplier of private-name credit programs for non-prime customers. The organization controls and administrations private-name Visa programs through retail location associations with top traders, and manages and benefits non-prime credit programs through its Indigo and Milestone brands.

These account arrangements help give underserved shoppers admittance to the financing they require and merit. They characteristic our driving situation in the business to a solid spotlight on offering extraordinary support to the two traders and end buyers. The value offering a similar credit insight to non-prime clients those superb clients get.

Genesis Credit Cards:  

  • Indigo MasterCard
  • Destiny MasterCard
  • Milestone MasterCard

MyGenesisCredit Login Tips:

  • Should be 18 years old or more seasoned
  • Legitimate inhabitants of the United States as it were
  • If it’s not too much trouble, have a FICO assessment of 650 (preferably 700 or more prominent)
  • Pay the full due consistently
  • There isn’t a credit limit increment program as of now so try not to call.

Login to your Genesis Credit Card Account:

  • To login use the link
  • Next at the center right side there is the login section.
  • Add the username, password
  • Now click on ‘Log in’ button.


genesis credit card login


How to Reset Genesis Credit Login Details:

  • To recover the login details visit the web address
  • In the login section hit on ‘Forgot your username or password’ button.
  • Enter last four digits of the account, SSN, date of birth click on ‘Submit’ button.
  • For username recovery provide last four digits of the account, SSN, date of birth click on ‘Submit’ button.

Register for Genesis Credit Account:

  • To register for the account go to the website
  • Once on the page you have to click on ‘Register Your Account’ button.


genesis credit card register


  • Provide the account number, date of birth, SSN click on ‘Next’ button.

Apply for Indigo Platinum MasterCard:

  • Genesis Credit offers different credit cards. Here you will get the application details on Indigo Platinum MasterCard.
  • To apply for the card go to the webpage
  • Next scroll down on the page under the ‘Receive an offer in the mail?’ section click on ‘Apply now’ button.
  • Provide the invitation number, zip code click on ‘Get started’ button.

How to Pre-Qualify with Indigo Platinum MasterCard:

  • For this use the web address to visit the Indigo Platinum
  • MasterCard webpage
  • Secondly provide your Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, Date of Birth, Social Security Number
  • Click on ‘Pre-qualify now’ button.


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Activate Indigo Platinum MasterCard:

  • To activate the card visit the official website
  • You will be requested to login with the online account.
  • Then you can use the card at eligible places.

Genesis Credit Bill Pay by Phone:

  • To make the phone payment you must have your account details
  • Call on 1-866-946-9545. You might have to pay a fee.

Genesis Credit Bill Pay Through Mail:

  • You can send your check or money order through the mail. The address is: Genesis FS Card Services. PO Box 4477. Beaverton, OR 97076-4477.
  • Make the payment through check and money order.
  • You can cancel your Account at any time by writing to the company at Bankcard Services, P.O. Box 4477, Beaverton, OR 97076-4477.

Frequently Asked Questions on Genesis Credit:

  • How to Pay My Genesis Loan?

Phone Automated System: Call 84-GENESIS-7 (844-363-7477). Kindly have your Genesis record and banking data prepared. There is a comfort expense of .95 for each installment to utilize this help. Live Representative: Call 84-GENESIS-7 (844-363-7477). Kindly have your Genesis record and banking data ready.

  • How to Use Your Genesis Credit?

Here is the place where you can utilize your Genesis credit card: Genesis Store Credit Cards: Cannot be utilized external the store they are marked for. For instance, you can utilize the Home Depot Store Credit Card at Home Depot. Beginning MasterCard Credit Cards: Can be utilized anyplace MasterCard is acknowledged.

  • What Is A Genesis FS Card Service?

The organization starts private-name MasterCard through retail location associations with top traders, and begins non-prime MasterCard accounts through its Indigo and Milestone brands. These money arrangements help give underserved customers admittance to the financing they need and merit.

Genesis Credit Contact Help:

For more help options call on the toll-free number 1-866-946-9545.

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