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Take part In La Madeleine Feedback Survey

La Madeleine guest satisfaction survey is offered by the company to get the feedback of their customers about the services being offered to you. All users are welcomed to share their thoughts and ideas about the restaurant. The consumer can even inform the management about the good and bad points in their offered services so that improvement is made in workings of La Madeleine. To take part in the survey it is not required to have the purchasing receipt with you. You are invited to provide your comments regarding your latest visit.

The eligibility for the La Madeleine Feedback Survey

  • The survey is available for the legal residents of America.
  • The participant must be 18 years of age or older.
  • The basic knowledge in English is required
  • You need to have Internet access through a laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet

Official rules for the La Madeleine Feedback Survey

  • You will get a survey code from La Madeleine to be able to log into the survey page.
  • You have to give your personal detail so that the company may use it for research purposes only and the fulfillment of incentives.
  • Only 10 minutes to be able to go through the questionnaire.
  • You have to have compliance with the privacy policy.
  • The survey access code is given on the receipt of the survey invitation it’s for one-time usage.

Taking the La Madeleine Feedback Survey

For this part, you need to visit, www.lamadeleinecomments.com

  • Here, you will get 4 options, and you have to choose, the second one, from the middle of the page.
  • After that, click on, ‘Continue’.


In the next page, you have to enter,

  • The state, city, and location of the cafe you have visited
  • The date of the visit
  • The time of the visit
  • Then, click on, ‘Start’.

You have to follow the prompts after this and answer the questions, then, you will be able to complete the survey.

Note: This survey doesn’t have any promotional offer or prize attached to it. This one is just to take your feedbacks at the cafe, so the company can improve better.

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About La Madeleine

La Madeleine has its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas and it was founded in February 1983 in Dallas, Texas by Patrick Esquerre, who initially opened a bakery, and then it evolved into a cafe and lastly took turn into a chain of restaurant. In recent days, it operates in more than 75 locations in the states of Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Texas. The restaurant only specializes in delicious French cuisine. Its menu includes entrees, soups, sandwiches, and salads. It also serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the food is served that is in cafeteria style. The French countryside style of decor makes the restaurant easily recognizable for its consumers.

Contact details

If you want to contact La Madeleine, you need to call on, (202) 337-6975 or to, +32 (0)2 658 48 61. You can send an email to info@lamadeleine.info. Or you can send a mail to, Box 206 South Berwick, ME 03908.

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