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On the official Log In web platform of, the My BP Credit Card services are offered by the British Petroleum Company. It is a leading name in the fuel and energy industry and a globally legendary oil company that has been active since 1909. The British Petroleum (BP) Company is currently operating in around 100 countries globally and has been serving for many years.

British Petroleum is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is engaged in supplying both oil & natural gas supply globally and offers a great platform to work and have unmatched career growth. British Petroleum is serving more than 13 million customers every day worldwide and helping the customers to provide these energy products at affordable prices.

If you wish to Log In for the My BP Credit Card you have to utilize the dedicated website MyBPCreditCard.Com. This well-known credit card is approved by Synchrony Bank and you have to follow their terms & conditions.

My BP Credit Card Login Process Online:

To a great extent, My BP Credit Card services are quite popular & supportive for the people in the United States. You can easily get registered for My British Petroleum (BP) Credit Card & activated it at the official website at The card allows the registered users to track & check all their monetary transactions securely.

If you wish to Log In for the My BP Credit Card Account as 1st time user, you have to go through the below-stated guidelines carefully:

  • First of all, visit the official online webpage of My BP Credit Card.
  • Otherwise, directly tap on the link provided
  • On the home page of the web portal, under the “Access Your Account” heading, you will require to put down your “User ID” and “Password”.


my bp credit card login


  • And lastly, by tapping on the “SECURE LOG IN” button below, you can easily access your online My BP Credit Card Account.

My BP Credit Card Register Online:

It is among the best ways to earn extra rewards points or cash back if you are buying gas utilizing the My BP Credit Card. If you stand among those individuals who expend a lot on gasoline every month, this can be the best choice for you where you can get a great value for your money. If you wish to avail of these offers, it is essential to get your My BP Credit Card Registered, on the official portal before utilizing the same.

Once you have received your My BP Credit Card, you will need to Register your card on the official website Just go through the below guided easy instructions to get your card registered:

  • Primarily, open your browser and go to the official online website of the My BP Credit Card Portal.
  • Here, on the home web page, find the link of “Register”, to tap on.


my bp credit card register


  • Now, being deferred on the next page, type your My BP “Credit Card Number” and “Postal Code” and click on the “Next” button below.
  • Again on another page, you will be required to put down a few more information such as Social Security Code (SSN), Name, E-mail Address, and other details.
  • After this procedure, in the given blank fields you have to create your My BP “User Name / ID” and “Password” and after that tap on the “NEXT” button below.
  • Now hereafter following all the above steps your Registration process on this My BP Credit Card official portal will be successfully finished.
  • You can now simply use your My BP Credit Card User ID /Name & Password to Log In within this platform utilizing your Sign-In credentials.

My BP Credit Card Login Account Reset Online:

If you wish to access your My BP Credit Card portal, then you will require your Log-In credentials. And in any condition, if you can’t remember or forgot your Log In User ID or Password, you can easily retrieve or reset the same by following the guidelines provided below:

  • First of all, move on to the online official My BP Credit Card portal.
  • Here, on the home page, tap on the link “Forgot My User ID or Password” option, just below the SECURE LOG IN tab.
  • Now if you have tapped on the “USER ID” link, then on another webpage, under the “Find User ID” head, you will need to submit your “My BP Account Number” along with your “Zip Code” etc and click on the “CONTINUE” button below.
  • If your given information is correct & verified, then your My BP User Name / ID will be displayed on the next page of this portal.
  • Otherwise, if you have tapped on the “Password” link, and wish to Reset your My BP Credit Card Account password, then on the next web page, under the “Reset your Password” head, you will have to submit your “User ID” & “Zip Code” etc and tap on the “CONTINUE”
  • Again if your submitted information is correct and verified, then you will receive a link on your E-mail Address along with the guidelines to reset your My BP Account password. Just follow the link guidelines to Reset the My BP Credit Card Account Password.
  • And lastly, you can simply LOG IN to your online My BP Credit Card account by utilizing your Sign-In credentials.


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Benefits of possessing an online My BP Credit Card LOG IN Account:

  • You will avail of 15 cents cash back if you spend $ 100 on shopping.
  • In your initial period of the first 3 (three) months, you can receive a benefit of a 10-cent-a-gallon offer, without any additional cost when users withdraw money from ATMs.
  • My BP Credit Card Log In web platform offers you a special discount if you spend $ 100 at BP service stations.
  • Avail the advantage of 25 cents per gallon of gas.
  • You can utilize your My BP Credit Card anywhere, as the card is accepted all over the nation.
  • Without an annual fee, Visa BP Credit Cards are assigned.
  • Additionally, you can get a 3.75% refund after the first 3 months of BP Credit Card utilization. 

Contact Details:

My BP Credit Card (Houston Address):

501 Westlake Park Boulevard,

Houston, TX 77079

My BP Credit Card (Chicago Address):

30 South Wacker Drive,

Chicago, IL 60606

My BP Credit Card (BPX Energy Address):

1700 Platte Street,

Suite 150

Denver, CO 80202

For My BP Credit Card Payments (Mail to):

BP PLCC & Visa

P.O. Box – 965006

Orlando, FL 32896 -5006

Phone Numbers:

For Any kind of BP Credit Card Technical Support (Call): 1 -844 -442 -7934

BP Synchrony Bank Credit Card Queries (Call): 844 -832 -0035

BP Visa Credit Card Queries (Call): 844 -832 -0030

BP Platinum Visa Credit Card Queries (Call): 844 -887 -1975

My BP Credit Card Houston (Call): + 1 -281 -366 -2000

My BP Credit Card Chicago (Call): + 1 -630 -420 -5111 

For BP Credit Card Complaint (E-mail to):

Reference Link:

My BP Credit Card Official Website Link:

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