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Like H&R Block and other duty readiness organizations, Jackson Hewitt currently has its own pre-loaded card. The JH Preferred Prepaid Visa, similar to those of its rivals, advances itself as a speedy method for getting your assessment discount and it is quicker to get your duty discount stacked onto a pre-loaded card than it is to hang tight for a paper check however this is valid for all Visa pre-loaded cards.

This card isn’t a trick however it is done being offered, yet there are lower charge card choices accessible like Chime. Moreover, every time you load no less than $1000 onto your card in a month the $3 month to month account charge is deferred. Unusually, however, direct store of an expense discount doesn’t figure in with the $1000. The card can be requested on the web or got up of the numerous Jackson Hewitt workplaces across the country.

JH Preferred Card Fees:

  • Monthly Fee: $3 monthly fee
  • ATM Withdrawal Fee: $2.50
  • Bank Teller Cash Fee: $5.00
  • Cash Load Fee is up to $3.95
  • Card Purchases (Signature) Daily Limit is $5,000
  • Card Purchases (PIN) Daily Limit is $5,000.

How to Get a JH Preferred Card:

  • To get the card visit the webpage jhpreferred.com
  • You can login with the card account or directly go for the reload option at the upper right section of the page.
  • Next click on ‘Where to reload’ tab.


jh preferred card reload


  • You will get the location for the reload and from those places you can apply for a card.

Login to your JH Preferred Card Account:

  • To login with the card account visit the official link jhpreferred.com
  • Secondly at the center left side of the page add the login details and click on ‘Sign in’ button.


jh preferred card


  • You will be logged in and this is also the way you get to activate the card.

Retrieve JH Preferred Card Login Initials:

  • Go to the card portal using the URL jhpreferred.com
  • Click on ‘Forgot password’ button under the login boxes.
  • Enter the user ID click on ‘Submit’ button.

Activate JH Preferred Card:

  • To activate your personalized JH Preferred Prepaid Visa Card, log in to your account and select “Activate Card” from the side menu.
  • For this you need to visit the URL jhpreferred.com

Add Money in JH Preferred Card:

  • To add money use the link jhpreferred.com
  • At the upper right side of the page click on ‘Add money’ tab.


jh preferred card add money


  • You will get the locations for money addition. You can visit those places but you can also ask online, if there’s a service.

Get a Direct Deposit with JH Preferred Card:

  • You can avail the direct deposit service using the webpage jhpreferred.com
  • Next scroll down on the page and click on ‘Direct deposit’ button.
  • You will be requested to download the deposit form and from there you will get information on the service.

Access JH Preferred Card to Card Transfer:

  • Send and receive money with your JH Preferred friends and family
  • Securely transfer funds between JH Preferred accounts using your online account or mobile app
  • Separating bills has never been easier.


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Get JH Preferred Card Mobile App Service:

  • Free portable application for cash the board in a hurry
  • Check Card balance, view exchanges, and observe Vanilla Reload areas with the JH Preferred Mobile App
  • Speedy and advantageous record access in the center of your hand.

Frequently Asked Questions on JH Preferred Card:

  • How to Pay Your Best Buy Card?

Pay Your Best Buy Credit Card Bill by Phone You can continuously make your installment via telephone by calling 888-574-1301. The robotized framework will take you through the bill installment process. Make a point to have your MasterCard account number and banking data convenient.

  • Can You Pay Your Best Buy Credit Card Online?

All Best Buy Visas can be paid off in-store utilizing money or check. Cardholders can likewise pay their Best Buy Visa bills with a money order, via telephone, via mail, and online through BestBuy.com.

  • Where Is Your Valero Card Accepted?

The Valero gas card can be utilized for fuel buys at Valero, Beacon, Diamond Shamrock service stations and Circle K stores. Tragically, it is a store card (not on an organization like Visa or MasterCard). So you can utilize it at those particular corner stores.

JH Preferred Card Customer Help:

For further details call on 1-855-598-4818. Or write to JH Preferred Customer Care PO Box 826 Fortson, GA 31808.

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