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The 15 Best Wii Homebrew Apps in 2021:

There are numerous ways to hack your Personal Computer to play limitless games & other content. Furthermore, you can likewise run the Nintendo Wii gaming console on your Personal Computer with certain applications. One of the several ways in which you can get limitless access to your Personal Computer is by installing a Homebrew Application or Homebrew Browser. Utilizing these applications you can easily install unapproved and pirated games & apps with a Wii Homebrew Application.

This article is about Wii Homebrew Applications. We will become more acquainted with 15 of the Best Wii Homebrew Applications that are safe and incredible for you. So let us start.

What is Homebrew?

Homebrew is basically an open-source software package installer manager, which makes it simpler to install & run software on Mac OS and Linux OS. Its primary job is to search & install the required software that will permit you to compile & run different authorized and unauthorized software on a particular operating system.

 1)WiiMC Wii Homebrew Apps:

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Wii Media Centre (WiiMC) released in April 2010 is another choice of great Wii Homebrew applications that lets you play numerous video games on your Wii console. It supports playing media files from DVDs, USB drives, CDs, & SD cards. In comparison to Play Station, this application supports a lot more games.

This app is a lot more interactive with the user, along with an eye-catching user-friendly interface. WiiMC supports Multi-Language for worldwide users, being an open-source media player it is fully free of cost. The application also operates as an image viewer and music player.

best homebrew apps

You can easily utilize the Wii console to browse throughout the Wii Media Centre (WiiMC) to search for your favorite games and watch media.

2)The Homebrew Browser:

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The Homebrew Browser is like an app store (as we have on Android and iOS), which must be your first choice if you want the Wii Homebrew Apps on your console.

Utilizing the Homebrew Browser, you can simply browse, access several applications & software for Wii, and search several things. To increase the functionalities of your console, pretty simple to utilize with its one-click download & installation, this must have to be on your console.

3)Pimp My Wii:

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You will be happy to have Pimp My Wii a great application in your console. It will help you to play several games without making the whole operating system of the console updated. By helping you to update the channels manually, it will save you from wiping out the whole Homebrew setup. This application is compatible with Wii & its updated version Wii U.

There are few disadvantages too, like the language of this application is French, so this can be a major problem for people who don’t know French.

4)Gecko OS:

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The next, among the most awesome Wii Homebrew applications in 2021 is Gecko OS. It permits you to play along with any Wii games that are released in other countries outside the United States.  There are many console games released in Japan or Europe that can be played on specific Wii consoles, but cannot be accessed in the United States or Global version. Geko OS is the perfect solution for the problem that lets you play all of the Nintendo Wii games anywhere in the world.

To let you access & play the games the Geko OS helps you to bypass the Wii’s country-specific codes. It also permits you to play specific games that cannot be played without a console system update. It has a huge database of game cheats, which helps you cheat in the games if you are facing an issue along with more control over your Wii console.

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5)Wii Chatter:

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Wii Chatter is a chat program online for the Wii console. Utilizing this program you will be connected to an online chat room, where you can ask your queries to other Wii gamers or users to get prompt answers & make friends. Using Wii Chatter, you can also play several games with other players globally, it supports onboard keyboards for typing.

The chatting page of the Wii Chatter refreshes once every 15 seconds, moreover here also you can post some content too. To make it more appealing to your eye, here you can customize the theme & interface.


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For your Wii console, Wiixplorer is a general file manager. Along with a music player, Wiixplorer also has USB 2.0 support with IOS58 or IOS202 installed. Moreover, you can connect it with a USB keyboard, with this Wii Homebrew application you can easily edit the files, delete, move, view images, convert images, & rename files on the Wii. The Wiixplorer Application also auto-updates when connected to the internet.

7)Dragon Media Player:

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This is listed among the best Wii Homebrew application in 2021. Dragon Media Player is ranked as the best music player for Wii.  This application is a great music player for music enthusiasts as it supports playing mp3, mp4, m4a, Ogg, FLAC, and many other formats of a file, but it does not work with WMA.

Additionally, configuring your Personal Computer with Samba Share, Dragon Media Player can play music wirelessly as it supports Samba sources along with USB & SD cards. This Wii Homebrew application can pick up any audio files from your SD card or USB drive and play the files sequentially.

8)Wii MP3:

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The WiiMP3 project was first introduced in December 2011. This WiiMP3 application is one of the best Wii Homebrew applications for music lovers that can play only mp3 files on WiiMP3. The author of this Wii Homebrew application is Windstorm.

You can utilize it for free, as it is an open-source program. The application has a text interface that is pretty simple and easy to navigate. The WiiMP3 app has a USB drive support and has simplified control buttons, so you can adjust the volume and play the music conveniently.

9)BootMii Configuration Editor V2.7:

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BootMii Configuration Editor ranked among the best Wii Homebrew application in 2021, which permits you to modify the ‘BootMii.ini’ file to change the settings on the SD card.  Without inserting the PC’s SD card, this application can also enable, disable, or swap BootMii implementation by renaming the directory files.

BootMii Configuration Editor permits you to change the video mode settings, and its latest version also has many more exciting features like Windows Skin / English, Console skin, and here you can easily customize & change the console skin and the app allows you to choose from over 15 colors option.


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If there is an artist inside you then next on the list is WiiPaint which is a great and simple Wii Homebrew application for you. This app will help and allow you to draw & paint anything you want on the Wii console with the support of Wii Remote.

This WiiPaint application is pretty easy to use and after you start to play the application, just press ① + ② on the Wii remote to sync it with the application. After the synchronization process, you can select a color from the box present on the left screen by tapping “A” the button. If you want to draw something, tap on the “A” tab and move the Wii remote to paint.


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You can utilize this best Wii Homebrew Application 2021 for calculating on Wii. The WiiCalc is the right tool for you, in case you are looking for a calculator for your Wii console. You can easily calculate digits, as you want using this great calculator. Simply point out the Wii Remote towards your screen utilize button “A” to choose numbers to input & calculate.

The WiiCalc Wii Homebrew Application has a pretty simple interface for calculators. As the installation process is pretty easy, & anyone can handle the process. You just need to install the application on your Wii console and utilize it at your convenience.


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WiiLife is carrying out English mathematician John Horton Conway’s Game of Life, but for the Wii Console. The application helps you to watch a random population of cells evolve & die. By scrolling around and zooming you can have a better view of the application. It’s a beautiful example of cell automation to counter your boredom by creating a new random population or trying out a new pattern.

WiiLife is a zero-player game, which means it does not require any player to play the game. The game operates itself without any human players. You can simply start the game & watch the evolution of cells as each living cell interacts along with 8 cells neighboring itself. It is ranked among the funniest Wii Homebrew Applications in 2021.


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As we all want to be a little bit creative in our own way & what would be a better place than our favorite gaming console. If in any way you are interested in 3D Arts, then it might be the time that you need to check out the Checkpoint Homebrew application.

You can utilize this application for backup 3D files or restore them, including the 3D cartridges & NDS Cartridges. This application also helps you convert the title easily and here you can also make use of the cheat codes numerous games.

14)Wii Power Check:

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Among the other important Wii Homebrew applications, Power Check is listed to be the one. It is one of the simplest necessary applications, which helps you to see the battery level of your Wii Remote.

The Power Check application will let you watch the Wii remote’s exact battery percentage instead of the Home menu’s useless vague range report. This app allows you to set and customize the background of the application. You just required adding a (640 × 480) image & renaming it as background.png and keeping it in the folder to have your Power Check application background.

15)Alarmii Wii Homebrew Apps:

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This Alarmii Wii Homebrew application is an alarm utility tool for the Wii console. The author of the application is Blitter. You can simply set the alarm regularly to wake you up or for other numerous jobs. It is a great Wii Homebrew application and pretty simple to use.

You can utilize your Wii remote to set the alarm, and after launching the Alarmii application, press the “A & B” button to go through the setup process.


Wii is a very popular media gaming console. There are several Wii Homebrew applications on the internet, but not all of them are safe for your PC. It is always advisable to understand the homebrew applications first and then install the apps only from reliable & safe sources. Never utilize a random Wii Homebrew application on your console. We hope this article will be quite helpful for all Nintendo Wii users globally.


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