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How Students can Log In to Clever Portal for the Broward County Public Schools (BCPS):

In the United States, among several renowned schools the Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) ranks in the list as the 6th largest district school & the 2nd biggest in the state of Florida. Since 1962, the BCPS is Florida’s 1st fully accredited schooling system and has more than 2,61,000 students & including 1,10,000 adult students in 241 schools, centers & technical colleges, and 93 charter schools.

The Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) serves a diverse range of student populations, representing 151 different languages & 177 different countries. Presently, the Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is offering more than 75 various career Technical Education pathways at Technical Colleges, Middle Schools, High Schools, and Alternative Education Centers. These programs & educations are provided to prepare them for high wage careers in the future.

How Students can Log In to Clever Portal for the Broward County Public Schools (BCPS):

Primarily, move on to your Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) or district’s Clever Log In webpage, to log into the Clever Portal.

You can also directly tap on the school link given at www.browardschools.com.

In any circumstances, if you do not know your school or district’s Clever Log In webpage, you can also click on the link clever.com/login & look for your school or district. (Please ask your school teacher, where you should go to Log into Clever, in case you cannot find your school).

You will need to Log In utilizing your school /district “User Name” and “Password”, which were duly provided by your school district. It might be Student Number, any Identities (ID), or E-mail Address. You are recommended to contact your school teacher if you are unaware of your username or password.

broward sso login

Here, on your Clever Portal, tap on the application icon you would like to utilize and follow through the on-screen process.

How to Log in with Clever Passwords for the Broward County Public Schools (BCPS):

If you are utilizing the “Log In with Clever” tab, put down your school or district “User Name” and “Password”.

Your school district will help you to set up your “User Name” and “Password”. It might be your ID, Student Number, or E-mail Address.

In any case, if there is an error message showing like “Invalid User Name or Password”, this shows that the User Name or Password you have put on is incorrect for your Clever Account.
How to use a Backup Code to Log In for the Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) Clever Portal:

If you are not aware of your Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) “Log In” information for Clever Portal, your school teacher can provide you a “Backup Code” which can help you to Log In to the Clever Platform.

If you wish to utilize the “Backup Code”, you need to tap on the “Get help Signing In” link from your Clever Portal Log In webpage, and then tap on the “Students: Log in with a Backup Code”. Now you will have to put down the “Backup Code” given by your school teacher and press the “Log In” tab to access the portal.

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How to Log In using Single Sign-On (SSO) for Clever Passwords – “Log in with Clever”:

Besides other Clever-supported Identity Providers (IDPs) such as Active Directory & Google, schools or districts can also select to use the Clever Passwords for the Clever Single Sign-On (i.e. SSO). Utilizing the benefits of Clever Passwords, School / District Administrators can easily determine what kind of Log In credentials should be utilized for Students, Teachers, and Staff.

If the District users, wish to navigate into your District’s Clever Log In webpage, they will have to put on their “User Name” and “Password”. In the situations, if the District utilizes more than one Identity Providers (IDPs), then users will have to choose “Log In with Clever” to put down their credentials.

How to Set up your Clever Portal Passwords:

If you want to set up your BCPS Clever Portal Passwords for your district or school, primarily you have to navigate to from Portal > SSO Settings webpage, and choose the “Add Log In Method” option. And finally, find & tap on the “Clever Passwords Authentication” link.

How to Log In with Active Directory for the Broward County Public Schools (BCPS):

If you wish to utilize the “Log In with Active Directory” tab, then you will be referred to Sign In to your school account utilizing “Active Directory Federation Services” (ADFS). The required “User Name” & “Password” for ADFS will be provided by your school. Generally, the User Name & Password for Active Directory Log In process are usually the “E-mail” and “Password” you utilize to Log On to the computer used at school.

You are recommended to contact your school teacher for any kind of assistance, in any circumstances if you see a message such as “Incorrect User ID or Password” during the Log In process.

If you are trying to Log In utilizing the “Log in with Office 365”  or “Active Directory” and the Log In webpage fails to load, then please try clearing your cache files. If you are trying to access the Clever Portal from a Chrome Book device, then it is recommended to “Sign Out” first from the Chrome Book & Restart your device.

How to Log in with Google for the Broward County Public Schools (BCPS):

If you are utilizing the “Log In with Google” tab, then you will be simply deferred to the “Sign In” webpage of the “Google E-mail”, which is already linked to your Clever Account (i.e. your School E-mail).

Here on the webpage, put down your “School-provided E-mail Address”.

In any case, if you are viewing an error message like “Wrong Password, Try Again” then you will need to verify your E-mail or Password information. For any assistance regarding this matter please contact your school teacher.

If you are viewing, an error message such as “Uh oh! We were not able to Authenticate utilizing Google E-mail”, then you are recommended to verify your E-mail Address, as it may not be the Google E-mail you signed into, which is linked with your Clever Account. Please make this sure that you are utilizing your School-provided E-mail Address.

Contact Details:

Broward County Public Schools (BCPS)

Kathleen C. Wright (KCW),

Administration Building,

600 SE Third Avenue,

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Phone Numbers:

Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) (Call): 754 -321 -0000

For Staff BCPS Clever Log In Helpdesk (Call): 754 -321 -0411

For Students /Parents BCPS Clever Log In Helpdesk (Call): 754 -321 -0569

For Any Queries regarding School Choice (Call): 754 -321 -2480

If you have Questions or Comments for Dr. Vickie L (Interim Superintendent, BCPS) (Call): 754 -321 -2600

If you are interested in speaking at an Upcoming BCPS Board Meeting (Call): 754 -321 -2390

In Crisis Situation for any BCPS News Update (Call): 754 -321 -0321 (Hotline)

To Ask any Questions (E-mail at): schoolchoice@browardschools.com

Reference Link:

Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) official Website: www.browardschools.com

BCPS or District’s Clever Log In Webpage: clever.com/login

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